Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All flights subject to cancellation at no cost or obligation to both the owner or IDYH due to:

Any obstructions within 20 feet of the subject property, i.e. power, telephone or cable lines.

  1. Trees or poles that may obstruct the flight-path of the drone.
  2. Any weather disturbance such as rain or wind. IDYH will make every effort to reschedule as soon as weather permits. IDYH will not be responsible for any losses due to Force Majeur or acts of God.
  3. Proximity to any airport that would be a violation of airspace.
  4. IDYH will not enter or fly over any property without the express written consent of the property owner prior to an onsite valuation as to potential hazards and a discussion of the proposed flight of the drone.
  5. IDYH will not be responsible for any damage caused by the drone or its operator IDYH to the property before during or after the flight.
  6. Owner may be present on site for the shoot BUT must remain out of visible site of the drone. Owner may NOT talk with the drone pilot during the flight as safety dictates that the pilots full concentration must be on the safe operation of the drone.

We accept PayPal and all Major Credit Cards.

Payment of 50% must be received prior to flight and the full remaining balance is due at time of delivery of the video file.




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